I've seen a lot of shots of this place during the day, so Emily and I decided to change things up and go late at night - and try a bit of amateur light painting and flashlight effects while we were at it - and I wanted to get some unique shots. I think I was successful here, but let me know in the comments!

Going for a combination of lens flares, light rays from the flashlight, and still being able to see the stars.

Located in Glen Rose, Texas, "The Outlaw Station" began sometime in the the 1920's. Ed Young built it as a service station, but began using it for distribution of moonshine. the place was a speakeasy at one point, and dubbed "the moonshine capital of Texas"! Like many that excelled during prohibition, the outlaw station's business declined shortly after the end of the era.  

Did you see where Emily’s at in this one? Might not see her at first glance!

There is not much else documented after the sale of the place, but it seems like it was turned into legit gas station and small grocery store sometime in the 50's and 60's. Glen Rose, before and during prohibition, became known as the “whiskey woods capital of the state” and “moonshine capital of Texas.” 

It’s not quite perfectly symmetrical, but I love the shadows and composition/lines in this one.

Oddly enough, Dr. Pepper was apparently a popular additive to moonshine. Go figure! 

Did you know that it's also rumored that Bonnie and Clyde themselves often visited this place. I bet they came for the moonshine, not for the gas...what do you think? 

Which of these two do you like better? I personally like the top one!

We had a lot of fun that night - even though it was exhausting! I love the idea of taking something that a lot of people have taken shots of and putting my own unique twist on it. I’m sure it’s been done before, but our night adventure was fantastic. Here’s to the next one!

More light painting, with a bit of help from a passing truck - talk about good timing!

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