Since I started as a musician when I was young, I’ve always been interested in art that can speak to people even without words. When the pandemic came to the US, I could no longer play in the local wind symphony and wanted to find a new way to speak through art and show the beauty that’s all around us: photography. I actually started taking photos more than ten years ago, when I traveled to Havana, Cuba, to play in the Havana International Jazz Festival while getting my Masters degree in music performance, but then put the camera down shortly after.

After taking a decade-long hiatus and picking up the camera again, I’ve been interested in many genres of photography, from finding striking portraits and family photos to studying the world up close with macro shots and from afar with beautiful landscapes. Music and photography both give me a chance to speak through art in a way that can sometimes convey more than words can. I also love working with people, so it was a natural fit to dive into portrait photography as well as working with businesses.

I am available for sessions for any of the following below and more! Contact me below, on Facebook or Instagram, or via email or phone to set up a session or get more information if you have questions about the process. If you have an idea for a shoot, let me know, and let's figure it out!

I am available for:

Professional headshots

Family portraits and individual/creative portraits

Senior photos

Engagement, wedding, and event photography

Landscape and real estate photography

Business and promotional photography

Pet photography, macro and product photography, and more!


Kim McKissick

“Extraordinary photographer and genuinely nice person! So glad to have had a chance to meet Russ and experience his incredible work!”

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“Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.”