I was so lucky to have been contacted by Nancy Cook to shoot some portraits of Myles, especially since he didn’t have ‘school portraits’ this year since he’s homeschooling because of COVID. Nancy and I worked together at Apple, and I was so happy to oblige! She said there was a barn near their house that would be perfect for this shoot.

Boy was she right! It gives a perfect contrasting background! We were heading there around golden hour, though a little early - mind you, we had delayed this shoot at least TWICE already because of weather! Seeing the large trees around the barn, I wondered if we’d be able to get any of what I was hoping to achieve when she had mentioned she wanted to focus on the barn and golden hour for this shoot.

Spoiler alert: We did. :)

These are some of my favorite shots, and some of my absolute favorite golden hour shots I’ve done! Real talk, I get nervous every time right before a shoot starts…I wonder if we’ll have good lighting, good ideas, good everything. But this shoot was so much fun, and I love capturing moments like these that aren’t posed just as much as the posed ones - I specifically didn’t bring my lens hood out during golden hour just because I wanted lens flare effects to show themselves, and boy did they…I really can’t wait for the next shoot! If you’d like to set up your own golden hour shoot, or something different, let’s get connected! Links below for Facebook/Instagram, as well as my print store and a link back to the homepage to contact me.

Myles holding the reflector we never ended up using. :)